Community College of Denver Student Learning and Engagement Building – Recap

Monday, April 15st, 4:00 – 5:00 pm
Image Courtesy of Oz Architecture

Location: 1111 W Colfax Ave  Denver, CO 80218
Owner: Community College of Denver
Architect: OZ Architecture
Collaborating Partner: Boora Architects
Contractor: GH Phipps Construction Companies

The Denver Architectural Foundation is excited to recap our past project tour: Community College of Denver!

CCD Underconstruction

The CCD Student Learning and Success Building involves Student Service and complex remodeling to an existing 2-story masonry structure.

CCD- Lobby

The 2-part project includes a LEED-Gold-certified 85,000 sf new building and 30,000 sf of remodeling to the College’s existing 1974-era South Classroom building.

Glass Railing

The scope of this remodel involves Mechanical Systems upgrades, reconfiguration for greater efficiency, improved way-finding, flexibility and function.

Wall Finish

An extensive and detailed programming effort resulted from close collaboration with CCD Student Affairs and CCD Education Provosts including the complex Student Enrollment/Testing/ Financial aid process, and welcoming places that support student interaction and a strong sense of “home.”

Frosted Counter

The collective guiding principal used to evaluate nearly every decision has been “Stewardship of the Student Funds.” The cost of the building is: $43,000,000.

Wood Slat Wall


Second Floor


Connecting with historic 9th Street


Custom Textured Wall


Designed Benches




Study rooms