Rogers Archi‐packs

Rogers Archi‐packs

As part of the funding effort for the CAL Project, numerous design firms agreed to undertake an “office treasure  hunt”  in  the  quest  to  fill  a  backpack  provided  by  DAF  with  “interesting,  novel,  intriguing  and fun”  items  reflecting  the  engaging  nature  of  their  work.    These  might  be  as  varied  as  sketches  and memorabilia from noted projects to tools of the profession, distinctive collectibles that tend  to  accumulate  during  careers.    The  collection  might  also  include  contemporary,  state  of  the  art exhibits, perhaps a glimpse of the future. Example items might be:

  • Drawing tools; scale, triangle, French curve, templates
  • Sketches, photos, models, notebooks, sketchpads
  • Books
  • Material samples
  • CD with drawings, models, animations, etc.

The contributing firms’ business card will be attached as a “luggage tag”, and an inside compartment is intended for a flash drive featuring the firm, and possibly presenting a story or explanation behind some of the more esoteric contents. The bidding will debut during the April 10th Historic Denver “One Past 5” soiree and there will be a “buy now”  option  that  evening  for  the  backpacks.    Otherwise,  the  satchels  will  be  made  available  to prospective  purchasers  during  Doors  Open  Denver  (DOD)  weekend  at  the  event  headquarters  in  the McNichols Building.  The highest bidder will be notified of their successful purchase at the conclusion of DOD on Sunday, April 13, 2013.   Archipacks PDF download

In memory of Scot Rogers 

Scot  Rogers,  late  DAF  board  member  and  co‐chair  of  the  CAL  Project,  was  instrumental  in  the development of this fundraising idea.  He was the first person to contribute the contents for a backpack gathered from his career in architecture and project development.  His name is being attached to the endeavor  in  appreciation  for  his  enthusiastic  and  earnest  efforts  to  secure  CAL’s  financial  future.    A commemorative pair of his trademark “any season of the year” footwear – flip flops – will be included with every backpack.

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