Lighthouse Writers Workshop Tour

December 6, 2023

About the tour: The Lighthouse tour will briefly cover the preliminary planning and urban design of the York Street campus and address how the Lighthouse Writers Workshop fulfills its part of that vision. Starting at the front door along York Street, the tour will cover in greater depth the exterior architecture – the choices for forms, materials, and articulating elements. The tour will then proceed inside, showcasing the major public spaces including the Café, Library, Stairwell, Event Space, Salon, as well as the various classrooms and office spaces.

About the building: A Beacon for Literary Types – The design concept combines spaces inspired by European salon culture with a palette of local materials reflecting the historic, industrial architecture of the York Street campus – brick, concrete, unfinished steel, corrugated steel and heavy timber. The building massing playfully combines variations on the historic campus’ traditional gabled roofs and industrial storage silos whilesuggesting the metaphor of the lighthouse.

About the tour guide: Collin Kemberlin is a Colorado-based architect with nearly 30 years of experience designing local, national and international projects for a diverse body of clients – public and private, residential and commercial, historic preservation and new construction. Recent work reflects his great respect for Denver’s architectural history and the qualities that make the Rocky Mountain Region unique.

Accessibility: 3 accessible surface parking spaces are located between the Lighthouse building and the Administration Building immediately east. Wheelchair access to the front door facing York Street is provided adjacent to the southeast corner of the building.

Once inside, the facility is accessible, including an elevator and accessible restrooms on each floor.