Cleworth Architectural Legacy Project

Architecture + Design in Denver Public Schools.

The Cleworth Architectural Legacy (CAL) Project is a nationally recognized program that utilizes lessons in architecture as tools for students to actively learn about various subjects, adding value to diverse classroom environments and acknowledging a variety of learning styles. The program begins with the principles and history of architectural design and moves through hands-on activities to enhance the core curriculum of each classroom.

CAL brings awareness around the built environment into Denver classrooms.

Following a multi-phase process, teachers and volunteers attend in-depth training and work with the Denver Architecture Foundation to plan an eight-week classroom-based program. Under the direction of teachers with support from volunteer designers and DAF, students learn about the surrounding built environment beginning with observation, design vocabulary, and architectural history. Activities accelerate into complex challenges, such as model making, mapping, developing written or illustrated plans, and heightening awareness of their built environments. The program culminates with student-driven design projects, which account for common core educational standards.

Since the CAL Project’s inaugural program cycle in 2000, demand continually exceeds aspirations and capacity. The CAL Project is very popular among Denver Public School teachers, particularly those with at-risk student populations who benefit greatly from the program’s stimulating activities and unique educational opportunities. During the 2017-2018 school year, the CAL Project will serve 19 classrooms with 500+ students in grades K through 8.

2017-2018 CAL Project Participants

The CAL Project is a three-year commitment. See below for 2017-2018 school and design firm pairings.

Year 1
Asbury Elementary + Rowland+Broughton
Asbury Elementary + Perkins+Will
Bradley International School + Davis Partnership Architects
Bradley International School + Hord Coplan Macht
GALS High School + RNL Design
Kunsmiller Creative Arts + AndersonMasonDale Architects
Kunsmiller Creative Arts + Johnson Nathan Strohe, Fentress Architects
Valverde Elementary + Martin/Martin, Anderson Hallas Architects

Year 2
Alice Terry Elementary School + KTGY
Cottonwood Creek Elementary + AECOM
Morey Middle School + OZ Architecture
Polaris at Ebert + Humphries Poli Architects
University Park Elementary School + HDR
University Park Elementary School + Beck Group

Year 3
International School of Denver + handprint architecture
GALS High School + 4240 Architecture
GALS High School + Barker Rinker Seacat Architecture
Bradley Elementary School + Lantz-Boggio Architects
High Tech Elementary School +  Cuningham Group

Design professionals (architects, engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, graphic artists, etc.) and teachers who wish to take part in the CAL Project should contact DAF at

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