Doors Open Denver

Denver Architecture Foundation’s signature event is exactly as it sounds – an opportunity to open the doors to the places and spaces that make the Mile High City such a special city in which to live, work, study and play.

From historic structures to contemporary builds, Doors Open Denver is an homage to Denver’s ever-changing built environment. The autumnal event draws architecture, art, history and culture enthusiasts, exploring and experiencing featured sites.

“Doors Open Denver has given me an opportunity to learn about well-known historical structures and homes that are not otherwise accessible to the public. This is a valuable public service for anyone interested in Denver’s history and architecture.”

Doors Open Denver 2023

Doors Open Denver 2023 will take place October 6-16, 2023!

Denver Architecture Foundation is undergoing important changes in 2023 that will set the stage for a new and exciting 2024 and beyond.

With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the centerpiece of this year’s program will be two new audio tours highlighting the rich history of the Five Points Neighborhood. We will supplement these audio tours with the best of our video tour archives, re-releasing inside looks at some of the most significant and unique buildings throughout Denver Metro and beyond.

Read more about the Five Points audio tours and the changes for Doors Open Denver 2023 here.

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