The best next step in your Denver design adventure!

Purchase DAF’s Guide to Denver Architecture by Mary Voelz Chandler with foreword by Governor John Hickenlooper. The book spans 311 pages at a cost of $37.50 – $29.95 per book, plus $7.55 for sales tax, shipping and handling. DAF members receive a 10% discount at checkout.

The second edition of the Guide to Denver Architecture is arguably the most comprehensive portable source of information on Denver’s built environment. Details concerning function requirements, client tastes and materials are included throughout, and the guide serves as an educational resource about design and the building of our great city.

By singling out examples of well-designed buildings and problematic ones, the guide strives to help people see what is good, and sometimes not so good. It shows architecture in a larger context, and offers a better understanding of how individual structures combine to create a different or total environment. This book is not only a guide for the neophyte but also a source for the architecturally aware who are seeking to expand their knowledge.

This is THE book if you want to discover, look at and appreciate the influence of architecture and design in Denver!

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