Latino/Chicano Historic Context Study

Denver’s historic fabric comes from the stories of the diverse persons and groups who comprise its vibrant history. Led by the City and County of Denver’s Landmark Preservation, in partnership with the Office of Storytelling, this first-of-its-kind study in Denver uncovers and shares the deep history and historic places of Denver’s Mexican American, Chicano and Latino communities. Through engaging public outreach and traditional historic research, this historic context provides a broad overview on the citywide settlement and development patterns of Mexican American, Chicano and Latino communities in Denver up to the 1990s.

Denver’s current list of landmarks, sites designated for their historic, architectural and cultural significance, is largely slanted to a single demographic that does not adequately reflect diverse ethnic and cultural groups in our city. Many historic places associated with these groups are being lost at an alarming rate due to Denver’s rapid development pace. This historic context study will guide work to preserve all parts of Denver’s history.

Click on the resources below to learn about Denver’s Mexican American, Chicano and Latino history, the historic places associated with it and how the City and County of Denver will use this information to guide the preservation and recognition of this heritage moving forward.

Please note: The terms Mexican American, Chicano and Latino were used to help acknowledge the diverse history of the many peoples who have called Denver home in this context, whether their roots are indigenous or from elsewhere, recognizing that one label does not fit all.

Photo credit: Scott Wilson, Crossed Paths, 2020 Y/OUR Denver Photography Competition Best in Show