Recap: Dig Studio Landscape Architecture Series: Belmar Park

DAF  offered this tour on Wednesday, August 11th and Saturday, August 21st.

About the tour: This tour explored Lakewood’s Belmar Park, 132 acres of natural grasslands, woodland and water habitat, miles of trails with a diverse range of native plants, animals and waterfowl.

About the park: Originally the site of cultivated fields, the construction of the Neoclassical style Belmar estate was finished in 1937. Home to The Denver Post heiress May Bonfils Stanton, the estate was completed with tree-lined drives, extensive gardens and views across Kountze Lake. In 1971, the land was sold and developed into the Lakewood Town Center, as well as portions of Belmar Park which serves as a vital park space and wildlife habitat. 

About the tour guides: Laurel Raines is a Founding Principal and Landscape Architect at Dig Studio with experience designing public spaces. Coming from a background in environmental science, horticulture and art, Laurel has been motivated to make a difference by creating built environments that are at once beautiful, functionally responsive to the needs of people, reflective of context and environmentally sound.

Audrey Sorensen‘s unique project background and design experience supports her understanding of historical context, developing provocative preservation strategies and performing forward-thinking historical and environmental research. She has completed work in urban and rural contexts, in a variety of regions and scales. Audrey is a Landscape Designer at Dig Studio.