Recap: S*Park

Our July Hard Hat Tour was at S*Park on Monday, July 30, 2018, and was guided by Mike Moore, Architect with tres birds workshop, and Jonathan Alpert, Developer with Westfield Company.

About the site: Named for its heritage as Sustainability Park, S*Park utilizes solar powered energy systems, a vertical greenhouse and urban soil farm managed by Altius Farms. Residents partake in an exclusive veggie subscription program, greenhouse tours and classes, community dinners with Denver celeb chefs, not to mention local produce in your soup and fresh herbs in your cocktails.

At S*Park, “living your best life” is more than just a hashtag. It’s for real. It’s a community offering a private internal park, balconies and front porches that make city living breathable. Basically, all your #gardengoals become reality because it’s managed by a professional agricultural expert rather than your almost-green thumb. S*Park is all about creating a sense of place for our residents, our neighbors and the community.

Rendering and description courtesy of