Humphries Poli Architects

1655 Grant Street

Humphries Poli Architects (HPA), an award-winning firm, moved into 1655 Grant Street, Denver, Colorado in summer 2017. The office is in the midst of a very vibrant and dynamic neighborhood just two blocks from the Colorado State Capitol Building.

The original building was constructed in the 1940s and went through a significant renovation in 1992. HPA renovated the second floor studio space in 2017. After being utilized as GSA offices and a neighborhood salon, the space was redesigned to reflect a 21st century collaborative office. The most recent renovation was a rediscovery of the building’s bones. The studio offers a glimpse of exposed structural, mechanical and electrical systems. Partitions were removed to give the offices a true studio feel, where daylight is valuable, but glare is not. The team at HPA enjoys collaborating in multiple “huddle” spaces in an open office environment.