the ART, a hotel

1201 Broadway

the ART, a hotel

This thin, rectangular hotel was constructed under the final phase of the mixed-used master plan for the Denver Art Museum complex, the ambitious development project that spanned over 10 years and began with the building of world-renowned, Polish-born architect Daniel Leibeskind’s titanium plated Fredric C. Hamilton Building for the Denver Art Museum. Davis Partnership Architects was the architect of record for the entirety of the master plan and adds the ART to a complex that already features works by famous architects Gio Ponti, Michael Graves and Allied Works.

The ART runs axially along Broadway between West 12th and West 13 Avenues and is connected on the west to a public/private parking structure and the Museum Residences. It is a nine-story mixed-use structure of steel construction. Inside, 165 boutique hotel rooms sit above 50,000 square feet of office space. The outside is clad mostly in reflective glass on the lower levels and brick and stucco above. A thin colonnade runs along Broadway and meets a porte-cochèremain entrance situated at the corner of 12th and Broadway. Above this, a glass prow of sloped curtain walls tapers outward as it rises three stories, evoking the iconic prow of the Fredric C. Hamilton Building and bringing large amounts of natural light into the offices it houses. The hotel lobby is on the first floor, floors two and three are dedicated to mixed-use functions, and the fourth floor features gallery space for the hotel, a rooftop garden that connects to the adjacent museum residences, conference spaces and the FIRE restaurant. The hotel rooms occupy floors five through nine.

Works of modern art are everywhere in this boutique hotel. The porte-cochère ceiling is a commissioned work by artist Leo Villareal that features a network of over 20,000 LED lights run by software created to generate interesting patterns but to never repeat the same pattern. The lobby and fourth floor of the hotel act as open galleries with pieces dispersed throughout. Each guest room of the hotel features artwork. The pieces displayed in the ART are a combination of permanent and rotating exhibits; like an art museum you can see new pieces as the exhibits are rotated.

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the ART, a hotel

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