DAF Updates: Doors Open Denver, Audio Tours, and More

Dear Denver Architecture Foundation members, partners, sponsors, and friends,

Denver Architecture Foundation is undergoing important changes in 2023 that will set the stage for a new and exciting 2024 and beyond. The Board of Directors and I want to give you information about those changes and ask for your help.

First, Denver Architecture Foundation is continuing our important year-round programming: the Cleworth Architectural Legacy Project (CAL) in schools throughout the region and the audio and walking tours of Denver’s best in architecture, urban design, placemaking and historic preservation.

Second, we are embarking on a reimagining of Doors Open Denver for 2024 and welcome those who love Doors Open Denver to reimagine it with us. We will schedule at least two member forums in September and hope you will attend and help create DOD 2024.

This doesn’t mean that Doors Open Denver is going away in 2023. With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and those who have lived the history of Five Points, we have produced two new audio tours of Five Points and will make these the centerpiece of a virtual Doors Open Denver from October 6-16, 2023, with a kick-off event tentatively scheduled on October 5.

We know some of you will be disappointed to miss a year of an in-person Doors Open Denver, and we understand. But after much consideration and discussion, we determined that producing a robust and successful in-person Doors Open Denver without a president and full staff would not be a strategically smart move for our organization. Instead, we will focus our efforts on our search for a new leader, our year-round programming, and a virtual Doors Open Denver with two new and exciting audio tours at the forefront.

We will supplement the Five Points tours with the best of our video tour archives by rereleasing those tours throughout the ten days of Doors Open Denver 2023. We will also launch a strategic PR campaign to promote the Five Points tours and the year-round work of our foundation.

Finally, new leadership will drive innovations in 2024 and beyond. Today, we launch the search for our next President and CEO, and we invite you to help us identify our next leader. Please send resumes and applications to moc.g1718971295nitlu1718971295snocr1718971295hkaep1718971295@kcim1718971295roCcM1718971295.nylo1718971295raC1718971295.

We will announce the member forum dates as soon as we can. In the meantime, we welcome your questions and input and look forward to seeing you at tours throughout August and September.

With gratitude,

Mike Hughes
Interim Executive Director