Box City

Teaching kids about the process of urban development.

Check out the final video presentation of Out-of-the-Box City, this year’s virtual take on our beloved Box City event. The program engaged both kids and parents in the process of urban development from the comfort of their home! We applaud our participants’ creativity and determination! Spread the smiles by forwarding this video to family and friends and/or sharing via social media.

Congratulations to all of the kids who participated in this special Out-of-the-Box City program:

Jack Bowyer, Leo Kobler, Mina Kupersmit, Elliot Habbinga, Natalie Lutes, Raiden Harper, Sarah Cole, Connor Smith, David Juarez Cabrera, Heath Charney, Joselyn Kupersmit, Brady Hyde, Charlie Kobler, Alex Cole, Emi Okizaki, Evan Duncan, Harper Ryan, Landon Bowyer, Leah Kupersmit, Maia Meister, Maya Ospino, Tegan Jacobson, Amelia Sanderford, Blake Charney, Chole Scarbrough, Gabe Mutchler, Till Johnson and Graysen Sullivan.

Special thanks to our Out-of-the-Box City Volunteer Team:

  • Will Reiser, PE/SE – Co-chair
  • Jason Morrison, AICP – Co-chair
  • Sarah Goldblatt, AIA
  • Margarita Gonzalez, Assoc. AIA
  • Ely Merheb, AIA
  • Elizabeth Reiser
  • Ken Schroeppel, AICP