2024 Restaurant Series: Farm + Market

January 17, 2024

About the tour: Farm & Market is Denver’s and possibly the country’s first ultra-urban hydroponic farm, market, and restaurant. They sustainably grow over 100,000 produce crops at any one time and harvest daily to supply the restaurant and market with the highest quality produce one can possibly purchase. They do all of this in a 6,000 square foot building, which, instead of being demolished, was reclaimed and renovated into what they have today. One could say they brought the building back to its roots, as it was originally a potato distribution warehouse. The tour will cover all 3 parts of Farm & Market – the restaurant, the market, and the hydroponic farm.

About the building: The renovation at 2401 Larimer St. differs from your average office or retail conversion, and the business differs from your average tech startup. This quirky 1938 building, often overlooked by passersby, has been transformed into a high-tech hydroponic farm selling freshly grown produce directly to consumers through an on-site market and restaurant concept called Farm & Market. The primary goal was transforming the space into a welcoming front-of-house environment while seamlessly integrating two separate climate-controlled showcase farm rooms.

About the tour guides: Davis Breedlove, Farm & Market Founder and CEO, has always been driven to do better for people and the environment. He’s been fortunate to be able to do both with Farm & Market by sustainably growing and providing highly nutrient dense food. Using experience drawn from education at USC’s entrepreneurial business school, coding in his professional career, and love of growing food, he developed Farm & Market, which opened in 2023.

David Knapp is a lead interior designer at OZ Architecture, with over seven years of design experience and a degree in Sustainable Restaurant + Retail design from RMCAD. He pursued a career in design because of his passion for experiential design, whether it be a restaurant, amenity space, or workplace setting. Working with amazing clients to create shared spaces that are unique, memorable, and sustainable while pushing conventional boundaries is what he finds most rewarding about the design industry.