Members Only | Luis Barragán: A Legacy Exhibition

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

About the tour: Gain an in-depth, personalized understanding of each of the artworks featured in Luis Barragán: A Legacy, an exhibition celebrating the 20th century Mexican architect at the Museo de las Americas. Learn about Barragán’s enduring influence as an architect and artist, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the exhibition’s development. Hear details about the design, installation and the challenges and successes throughout the process. This tour is a special members only opportunity. Become DAF member here!

About the exhibition: Luis Barragán influenced the aesthetics of a country through his visionary architectural designs and inspired an entire generation of architects and artists. By changing the landscape of the contemporary urban scene in the populous regions of Mexico City and Guadalajara, he became an artistic and cultural icon. His innovative and colorful designs could feel like paintings, a blend of art and architecture. This retrospective honors the impact of Barragán’s artistic and architectural legacy and explores how his work continues to be a major inspiration. The inclusion of five Mexican artists in the exhibition helps build a contemporary vision of Barragán’s influence in Mexico.

About the tour guide: Juan Carlos Baños, Exhibitions and Curatorial Coordinator, was born in El Salvador and has lived in the USA for most of his life. He is a passionate artist and designer. At Museo, he works closely with independent curators, artists and administrators in the design and execution of exhibitions. He previously worked as Architectural Designer at MUES, LLC, where he focused on single-family, multi-family and hospitality projects. He is a graduate of CU Denver where he received his BS in Architecture.

Accessibility: Museo de las Americas is a single-floor museum and fully wheelchair accessible. Chairs can be provided for seated rest if needed.