Q+A with Meg Touborg, Part 1

We are thrilled to welcome Meg Touborg as the new president and CEO of the Denver Architecture Foundation. In our exclusive Q&A, Meg shares insights about her professional journey, creative influences, and the exciting dynamics of embarking on new entrepreneurial ventures.

Q. What’s your earliest memory of paying attention to architecture and/or design?
A. We moved to a neighboring town when I was in third grade, and the new house was built in 1904 and needed extensive renovations. I was absolutely obsessed with the architect’s drawing sets and balsa wood models. Also, I was allowed to “design” my bedroom: purple and green florals splashed on white lacquer wallpaper, Marimekko sheets, and – you guessed it – a purple shag rug. 

Q. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A. An architect! Really.

Q. You worked in the fashion industry in New York City for many years. What’s one thing you learned there?
A. I was so fortunate to work with, and among, some extraordinarily talented and creative people bringing ideas to life in the form of beautiful products for Coach, kate spade, and Waterworks, among others. The most essential lesson I learned was the power of consistency, and thoughtfulness, in building a brand. Every single aspect matters. The sum is always greater than the parts. 

Q. We love that answer! As an entrepreneur who’s built more than one business, what’s the most exciting part of beginning a new project?
A. Wrangling the ideas into submission! There is never any shortage of good ideas; the greatest challenge and therefore the greatest reward is to make sense, to bring order, to sequence, and to execute, even on one pilot concept.