Recap: Swoon Art House Virtual Tour

The Denver Architecture Foundation presented a virtual tour of the Swoon Art House on Tuesday, November 10th at 4:30pm with tour guides Michael Moore of Tres Birds and Rebecca DiDomenico, owner.

About the tour: Architect/artist Michael Moore and owner/artist Rebecca DiDomenico led a tour of the Swoon Art House in Boulder, Colorado. This tour covered how the project developed, how it was built and how it is being utilized by international artists in residence. Michael and Rebecca gave the tour live, which included time for Q&A.

About the building: Unity, wholeness, infinite: the circle holds particular significance in ancient and modern culture, symbolizing that which is without a beginning or an end. It is eternal. Emphasizing circular energy and the bond between art and architecture, this 7,000 square foot private artist residence for Boulder artist Rebecca DiDomenico marks North Boulder with a new iconic landmark. This earth-inspired structure is energized using 100% renewable resources, demonstrating the fossil-free potential of the built environment. The structure was built using 200 tons of rammed earth, a composite of regional dirt and pigments, compressed into 30” thick walls. Swoon is a project that pays homage to the beauty of nature in both energy usage and aesthetics, proving sustainable design can result in a space that is both elegant and comfortable.

About the tour guide: Michael Moore, Design Principal at Tres Birds, is an artist who has chosen architecture as his primary medium, founding Tres Birds in 2000. Michael’s career formally began at the University of California at Berkeley where he studied both Environmental Biology and Fine Art. With a desire to merge ecological systems science and modern design principals, he completed a Master of Architecture degree at the University of Colorado Denver.

About the tour guide: Rebecca DiDomenico, artist and owner of Swoon Art House, is an artist whose work is concerned with the collision and interpretation of various forms of nature, mythology, art history and metaphysics. In her world, there is no separation between art and life, studio and home. Rebecca attended Claremont College, Tribhuvan University in Nepal and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder with a B.A. in English Literature.