Recap: The Wellshire Arms

The Denver Architecture Foundation, and our partner Denver Modernism Week, had a special tour and discussion – The Wellshire Arms on Tuesday, July 31, at the private residence of Josh Robinson, 2499 S. Colorado Blvd. This event was sponsored by Adrian Kinney, Denver’s Mid-Century Real Estate Expert.

About the tour
Walking tour of The Wellshire Arms with Josh Robinson
We toured the exterior of the building with a discussion on the design principals utilized at The Wellshire Arms, including a brief conversation on how to deal with modifications and sympathetic alterations to modern buildings.

Unit tour + discussion, rooftop tour + exhibit
We took a closer look at the building and to see how a modern architect, Josh Robinson of KEPHART, lives today at The Wellshire Arms, with a guided tour of the property and discussion by KEPHART community:: planning :: architecture.

About the residence
Standing tall along Colorado Boulevard is the legacy project of developer Vincent Rieger. Built in 1962, The Wellshire Arms was a visionary design that pushed the boundaries of what apartment living, and development, could be. Each unit features open floor plans, walk-in closets, floor to ceiling glass and nearly 300 square feet of outdoor living space. The Wellshire is a testament to the timeless principles of modern design and the developer who was willing to take risks and think outside the box.

Image courtesy of Charles Russell. Description courtesy of Josh Robinson.