Recap: Tour – Historic Slavic Globeville with Dennis Gallagher

On July 21, 2018, we toured Historic Slavic Globeville with former Denver City Auditor, Dennis Gallagher. The tour complemented the neighborhood’s 15th Annual Orthodox Food Festival and Old Globeville Days, which went from 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM the same day. Learn more about the festival here!

About the tour: We learned about the Slavic, German-Russian, Polish and Slovenian influences in one of Denver’s treasured neighborhoods: Globeville. This 90-minute walking tour began with a visit to St. Joseph’s Polish Church, which still hosts several masses on Sundays in the Polish language. Just around the corner at 47th and Pearl is Holy Rosary Slovenian Church, home to many immigrants from Slovenia in the last century. The church today offers several services in Spanish highlighting the changing demographics of this neighborhood. Two blocks east is the beautiful icon-filled Holy Transfiguration Russian Serbian Orthodox Church at E. 47th and Logan. We had this lovely amble through some of the forgotten jewels of our city’s architecture – we celebrated a unique piece of Denver’s history!