Confluence Denver

1441 Little Raven Street


Do you think skyscrapers add to or detract from Denver’s skyline? 

Rising high at 1441 Little Raven Street in Denver is The Confluence, an ultra-luxury, 34-story, 288-unit apartment community, aptly named because of its unique location at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River. The three-building lineup of high-rise, low-rise and mid-rise is a mix of curves, glass, metal and masonry designed by GDA architects, and opened in 2017.  

The tower is skinned in high-performance glass and random metal panels of blue and white, which give the impression of falling water. At night, a series of white LED lights run down the side of the building to create the sense of water cascading downward. The lights are programmed to go solid blue and orange during Broncos games and other special events. Inside, the high-rise is loaded with luxury features and amenities. Perhaps the biggest draw is the breathtaking views of the Denver skyline and/or the mountains from almost every floor.  

Besides the remarkable height and location, the Confluence offers such amenities as a heated outdoor pool and hot tub on a large deck overlooking Confluence Park and the Rocky Mountains; cabanas with individual fire pits; master grilling stations; skyline lounges; a professional chef’s kitchen and catering facility; a state-of-the-art fitness facility; gated, underground parking; a maintenance center for bikes and skis; direct access to Confluence Park; ground-floor retail; and a 24-hour front-desk attendant (Calhoun). 

GDA Architects is a Dallas, Texas-based firm that offers over 34 years of experience in planning, architecture and interior design. Their work is recognized for its unique responsiveness to time, place and user. The firm’s portfolio is built upon a deep understanding of materials and methods of construction. Highly respected for their passion for exploration, attention to aesthetics and environmental impact, GDA is a leading force in architectural integrity and excellence. GDA’s extensive range of expertise includes luxury multi-family high-rises, office buildings, mixed-use developments, national corporate headquarters, industrial facilities and interiors (GDA Architects Profile). 

The historic significance of the land at 15th and Little Raven cannot be overstated and is rich with Native American and Denver history. According to Tom Noel, history professor at the University of Colorado Denver, originally the land belonged to the Southern Arapaho under the terms of the 1851 Treaty of Fort Laramie. For decades earlier it had been their winter home, but when gold was discovered in June 1858, Chief Little Raven and his tribe were pushed out as scores of prospectors and fortune seekers overwhelmed the area with tents, lean-tos and crudely constructed log cabins (Criss). 

The first “store” in the camp opened there Oct. 29, 1858, and less than a month later Denver City was founded, named after Kansas Territorial Governor James W. Denver. For the next 159 years, the location became an underutilized mess of rail yards, warehouses and strewn garbage. Now it’s a gleaming testament to Denver’s rise (Criss). 


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Confluence Denver

1441 Little Raven Street, Denver, CO, USA