2500 Lawrence Street


What kind of role do you think a building like this might play in an historic neighborhood like Curtis Park? 

S*Park is a recently opened development of for-sale homes, designed by tres birds workshop.  Over the past five years, the site bordered by Arapahoe and Lawrence Streets and 25th and 27th Streets has been the incubator and test-site for sustainable living and community development.  S*Park’s goal is the creation of a pedestrian / family friendly environment that makes a sustainable lifestyle dignified and desirable, and supports the Curtis Park neighborhood as a sought-after place to live for a great diversity of people. The developers of S*Park have created a mixed-use development with an emphasis on agrarian urbanism through organic food growing, open space and experiential programming. They are highlighting this with a pedestrian oasis complete with outdoor gardens that receive sun all winter long and are great for food production and an outdoor lifestyle in the summer. 

Sustainability (from Concept Document)
The site plan is designed to interact with the sun in many ways. Relying on passive solar lighting and heating across all residential units and food producing gardens is a central design focus.     

The developer intends to build a mixed-use development with both residential and commercial interplay, in this case, the term “mixed-use” can be broadened to include, varied experience programming as well as layered cultural, social and community uses. Residents will have multiple floor plans to choose from, with a tiered pricing structure. By designing juxtaposing sizes and affordability options within the same development, the goal is to attract a diverse resident population, informing a larger intention of vibrancy for the surrounding neighborhood and city at large (S*Park Development Concept Document).   

The buildings will respond to climate and solar orientation of the site. Buildings will be attached in clusters, reducing winter heat loss and summer gain, and will be articulated to minimize the overheating that comes from west and east summer sun while free to harness the low winter sunshine. All of the buildings will be airtight, with high performance building envelopes, including glazing tuned to exposure and integrated seasonal shading. 

Agrarian Urbanism (from Concept Document)
Throughout the full city block, the plan is to design a food garden system for residents and neighbors to enjoy, preserving the existing gardens, while more than doubling the square footage of the planting area. The food gardens will be professionally managed and maintained and funded primarily through HOA fees. Integration of the food gardens into the neighborhood will be accomplished through food share and cooperative work programs, as well as the sale of produce to local businesses, providing another opportunity for funding the gardens (S*Park Development Concept Document).  

A central forested park, landscaped with deciduous trees and hypoallergenic grasses, will be integrated in the gardens portion of the residential development. The park will create a peaceful urban respite designed for relaxation and rejuvenation. The presence of trees will provide aesthetically pleasing scenery, increased oxygen exchange and sound barriers for dense living (S*Park Development Concept Document).  


S*Park Development Concept Document.  

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2500 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO, USA