Youth on Record

1301 W 10th Avenue

Youth on Record

This product of the Denver Housing Authority’s South Lincoln Redevelopment project is located one block from the 10th & Osage transit station and just behind the historic Buckhorn Exchange steakhouse. It’s a four-story, mixed use building with commercial space on the ground level and residential above. The “L” shape carves out room for a hardscape court in front, compete with planters, improved streetlights, bulb-out sidewalks and a large metalwork flower sculpture. Solar panels run in a vertical stripe down the building on the east side of the front court.

The South Lincoln Redevelopment project was responsible for this building, and most others that surround it. The Redevelopment was a sizable project, spanning two blocks south of Lincoln Park and including everything between Mariposa and Osage Streets. It totaled just over 15 acres in all.

The entirety of this large plot used to be a collection of public housing units owned and managed by the Denver Housing Authority called South Lincoln Homes. But as the public housing aged it was becoming functionally obsolete and began to harbor above average crime and poverty compared to surrounding areas. Eventually, a master plan was created to revitalize the area, complete with a rebranding initiative that gave this area its current label: The Mariposa District.

The new redevelopment took a modern approach to affordable housing. DHA’s goal was to create an integrated, transit-oriented community that would give its residents more opportunities and a healthier environment. Planning for this ambitious goal was done in conjunction with residents through a series of public meetings and solicited community input. A steering committee was created that included residents of the area alongside City staff and other stakeholders. The goals established included more than just economic revitalization, they focused on providing holistic sustainability, increased access to the outdoors with green spaces and pedestrian and bike-friendly streets, expanded visibility of art and community resources like Youth on Record. The end product kept the same number of public housing units while adding mixed-income residences and commercial space. The redevelopment is a good example of how many think planning should be done, in a progressive and inclusive way, to lift up all involved and create something greater than just buildings.

Youth on Record is dedicated to ensuring that young people graduate high school and are ready to enter the workforce, transition to college or enter advanced technical training and careers. They currently serve 1,000 students in some of Denver’s most vulnerable communities, endeavoring to empower and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

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Youth on Record

1301 W 10th Avenue, Denver, CO 80204, USA